How To Fix Kyocera Printer Offline Issue?

Really frustrating, when you need an urgent print, and your Kyocera printer is not responding at all, right? Well, there can be many reasons when your Kyocera printer is offline.

Let’s not waste the time and start discussing the process to fix the Kyocera printer offline issue.

Quick Steps To Fix Kyocera Printer Offline Issue 

  • Make sure your printer is on and getting a power supply.
  • Remove out the extra pages from the loading tray.
  • Clear the paper jam if exist.
  • Check if your printer is getting other errors.
  • Your Kyocera printer and wifi have a good connection.
  • Stop all printing jobs from the queue.
  • Check your printer has updated to the latest firmware version.

Sometimes initials steps can’t fix your Kyocera printer offline issue, Follow some advance technical steps below.

Steps To Fix Kyocera Printer Offline issue On Window 10 & 7

Here below we elaborate on all possible steps to fix the Kyocera printer offline on window 10 & 7 issue.

Step 1: Set Your Kyocera Printer As Default: 

  • Click on the Printer icon.
  • Open printer properties.
  • Set the printer as default.

Step 2: Uncheck Use Printer Offline Box

Go to the start menu 

open the control panel.

Next, uncheck the printer offline box.

Step 3: Re-Install The Kyocera Printer: 

Unplug the Power chord

Wait for 20 sec

Plug bach the power chord

Step 4: Update The Drivers: 

Got o The Kyocera official site

Download the latest Kyocera drivers according to your model number.

Install the drivers.

Steps To Fix Kyocera Printer Offline On Mac Issue

Sometimes users look to fix Kyocera Printer offline on mac, follow some advanced steps to fix Kyocera Printer offline mac issue.

  • Click on the Apple menu
  • Go to “system preferences”
  • Click on Printer & scanner
  • Set Kyocera printer default
  • Go back to system preferences
  • Go to the reset mac printing system
  • Again go back to system preferences
  • Click the [-] button to delete the printer.
  • Now, wait for 5 seconds.
  • Now, click the [+] button in the same window.

Take Help For Kyocera Printer Offline Troubleshooting

I hope these steps will fix your Kyocerara Printer Offline Problem, Still facing offline issues, take help from experts to get rid of this issue.

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