Epson Connect Printer Setup Login Process

Are you looking for Epson connect printer setup? You need to do the Epson connect login process to continue browsing the Epson connect features. Let’s start applying the steps below for Epson connect printer setup.

Don’t waste the time let’s start applying the easy steps to connect your Epson printer with windows operating system.

If you have Mac or Chromebook then you can apply steps below.

Epson Connect Printer Setup For Windows

  1. Download Epson connect utility by clicking on this link
  2. Now Install the downloaded file.
  3. Click on checkbox I agree End-User License Agreement, then click on Next.
  4. Confirm your printer model status.
  5. Choose printer registration.
  6. Agree the Epson term and conditions.
  7. If are old user then login with your account.
  8. If you are new user then register with new account.

Epson Connect Printer Setup on Mac

So without  further ado here are the  easy steps that you need to complete the setup. 

Lets get into the process to setup your Epson printer.

 Here are the Steps that will help you to complete the process of  Epson Connect Printer Setup On Windows:

Firstly you need to install the Epson connect printer setup utility on your windows device. 

Easy Steps to connect the Epson Printer Setup on your Mac

Then there will appear a page which is gonna ask you to select your printer. Select the printer and click ‘Next’

 Select the Printer Registration and click on the ‘Next’ option after selecting the printer registration and then click on ‘Agree’ and then ‘Next’

After completing the process a confirmation message that your ‘Printer is registered successfully’ is gonna appear on your screen.

There will be a  create new Epson connect account form if you are creating a new account. Fill the form and then click on the ‘Finish’ option.

If you already have an account then  click on the  “I already have an account” and then “Add a new printer form” will appear, fill the form and then click on the “Add”.

After applying these you will complete the Epson Printer Setup on your Mac.

Steps for setting up your epson printer on Chromebook

To complete the setup, firstly you need to check that your chromebook has Chrome OS version 59 or the later versions.

There are 2 method to print from a chromebook

To print over a network

To print through a USB

 The printer and Chromebook need to be  connected to the same network if you are printing via network 

And if you are printing through USB, you need to connect your Chromebook to your printer directly by a USB cable.

 In the Chromebook shelf, click on the “Notification” option and then click on the “settings” icon. You can also do it by entering the “chrome://settings” in the browser.

On the bottom of the Settings screen, click Advanced. That will lead you to the Printing section. You need to  click “Printers” in the printing section.

 There will be a Save or Setup button to the right of your printer’s name, click on the button.

After that you will  see the Advanced printer configuration window. You need to select Epson as the Manufacturer setting and Generic ESC/P-R as the Model setting.

After selecting  click on the “Add” button

After clicking on the “Add” button, your setup will be complete.

Select the  print option from the Chrome menu or press Ctrl + P on your keyboard to print whatever you need to and  select your printer from the Destination menu, and then click on the “Print” button.

All the steps mentioned above are easy and simple. After applying the steps you will be able to print from a chromebook.

For More help take help from Printer Tech Expert technicians.

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