How To Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue?

When you want to print something urgently, and your Canon printer shows an offline issue. There could be many reasons for the Canon printer offline issue.

Without wasting a single sec, Let’s start applying the steps to fix the Canon printer offline issue. 

Quick Steps To Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue

  • Check The Printer power is on.
  • Check the power cord connections.
  • Check the printer is selected as default.
  • If the printer shows multiple times, you have to remove it.

Sometimes these initial steps can’t fix your Canon printer offline problem, Follow some advanced technical steps to get rid of this issue.

Steps To Fix Canon Printer Offline On Windows 7,8,10

  • Go to the Control panel
  • Remove the printer once
  • Add the printer again
  • Set the printer as default

Steps To Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue On Wireless Mac, Iphone , Ipad

  • Go the apple menu
  • Choose select prefrences
  • Remove the printer once
  • Addthe printer again

I hope this complete troubleshooting guide helps you to fix Canon printer offline mac issue.

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