How To Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue?

Brother Printer Offline

Quite annoying, when you need a print copy urgently and Brother Printer suddenly occurred offline issue. No need to worry if you don’t know how to fix this issue.

Without wasting any time, let us start applying steps to fix brother printer offline issue.

Steps To Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue

  • Check the Brother Printer is getting a power supply. 
  • Check Brother printer connected to internet.
  • Check Brother printer set on default.
  • Delete all printing commands.
  • Remove the extra pages in the tray.
  • Check for paper jam, clear immediately if any paper jam.
  • Check Brother printer has updated to the latest firmware version.

    If you still finding Brother printer offline issue, Let’s jump below we explained each technical steps deeply tried and tested to get rid of brother printer offline issue.

Technical Steps To Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue

Most of the time many users are not tech-friendly and they are not able to do all the initial steps. Checkout the technical steps to fix brother printer offline issue.

Step1: Verify Printer Turn On Status

Sometimes Brother printer screen shows blank or printer goes on sleep mode, that means it is not turned on.

Check the machine to see if it wakes from sleep mode, If it does not then make it awake.

Make sure power chord plugged into a working socket and any power switches are turned ON.

If the issue still showing then you need to proceed to next step.

Step2: Make Sure the Printer is Connected to PC

There are some users who use the printer by connecting the USB cable from the printer to the computer.

You need to make sure that the cable is connected to the computer directly through the printer and not through a hub. 

If you are using the printer through Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that the ethernet cable is connected to the router.

Make sure the IP address of the printer is filled incorrectly and you can use the configuration page to very the right IP address.

Step3: Establish A Strong Wifi Connection

You submit a printing command, but it does not act. Now the question is, how can you locate your queue for your printer and click the print command? First of all, wire your printer and computer with the same wifi network. Otherwise, the print job may not have a computer or would be submitted to a computer other than the network. A basic menu for accessing the accessible WI-FI networks comes for your printer. Ensure you link to the correct network. Switch to your screen and see the printer as open. Select File Print, pick the printer, and move the mission. It takes it to the queue of the printer and performs the work.

Set Your Printer Status Online

Even though the printer is online and connected often the parameters are wrongly configured. Start the list for your printer by heading to Control Panel’s Tools and Printers and double-clicking the device. Click Printer in the menu bar and then select Pause Printing and Using Printer Offline.

Run The Printer Troubleshooter Program

The Printer Troubleshooter is an in-house troubleshooting kit that is built to address a variety of print problems on your Computer, including driver problems, authentication issues, restarting utilities related to the printer, etc. You can run the Printer Troubleshooter in the following ways:

  1. Navigate to Settings then click > Updates and Security and finally click on > Troubleshoot. 
  2. To enable the program, hit Printer Troubleshooter. 
  3. The app checks and addresses every possible issue on your printer and associated devices.

Uninstall And Reinstall Your Printer

Seek to delete the printer from the device and apply the latter workaround if it has not functioned. It’s a fast operation. However, certain drivers and OEMs applications can still be needed to access. This is the path forward: 

  • Switch off both the PC and the printer. 
  • Switch to the Devices and then click Printers and Scanners
  • Select the Printer you want to disconnect from your computer 
  • Choose Remove Device
  • Now reconnect your printer to the computer
  • Now Windows will connect with your printer and activate the appropriate Driver software automatically. 
  • If you don’t see your device, you need to access the newly attached print on-line: press Access a printer or scanner and pick the connection “The printer that I want isn’t listed.”  
  • The printer, including the download and activation of the required drivers, will now be programmed manually.

Fix The Issues of Your Printer Network

If you use a network printer, the computer can not access it because its status can be modified offline. Attempt to use another computer with a printer. The issue may not lie on the printer, but in your network unless it runs well. You would have to tackle the network issues to repair it. The problem can be triggered by a firewall malfunction or by a host of other network complications. It’s usually safer to consult a professional if you haven’t confronted this issue yet.

We hope that you can Change Printer Status Offline To Online and use it now without problems. The solutions listed above will definitely work well for you. Follow the steps carefully and use your printer without a hassle. 

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