How To Fix Brother Printer Can’t Connect To Wifi Issue?

As you are facing Brother Printer can’t connect to wifi issue, mostly this issue occurred due to several reasons:

  • Slow Internet Connection
  • This issue occurred due to a cartridge jam
  • The printer driver installed multiple times
  • Wrong Wifi Settings Inputted

Technically it’s more difficult, but don’t worry I know how to help you out with this problem.

Steps To Fix Brother Printer Can’t Connect To Wifi

As I have solved this problem many times before. There are many steps by step solution which described below:

Step1: Attempt To Configure Connection:  

  • Configure Brother Printer to network in automatic mode: 
  • Confirm your LAN passage/switch has the WPS or AOSS™ image as demonstrated below. 
  • Make sure the power cord is connected to an electrical outlet.
  • Now check and the printer cover is closed.
  • Press the Power On/Off button to turn on your printer. 
  • Hold the WPS button on your router for 5 sec. 
  • The machine begins the one-push remote setting mode. 
  • The machine will automatically be connected after two minutes. 

If your router connects successfully, the WiFi LED blip.

The setup is now complete. Still, the Brother printer can’t connect to wifi, proceed to the next step.

Step2: Check Internet Connection:

Check Internet working properly or not, If internetworking slowly then try to reset your router once. Know how to reset your Wifi in the next step.

Step3: Steps To Reset The Wifi Connection:

  • Here are a few steps to reset your Brother printer: 
  • Right off the bat turn on your Brother printer. 
  • Now click on the Menu button on the control board.. 
  • Press Reset and afterward select Yes.

Step4: Change Wifi Settings: 

  • Go through the ‘Menu’ tab.
  • Go to the control panel.
  • Click OK on the ‘LAN’ option.
  • Now launch the wireless network wizard page.
  • The device will show the lists of available SSIDs.
  • Press ‘OK ‘ after selecting the main SSID with which you want to connect.
  • Apply your settings by entering the network key and press ‘OK’.
  • Connect the wireless device with the printer successfully
  • The monitor will show the status as ‘connected ‘. If not, follow the next step.

Step5: Re-install The printer Driver:

  • Sometimes the printer driver is installed multiple times.
  • Re-install the printer driver.
  • Uninstall the printer driver
  • Go to the Brother printer official site. 
  • A download printer driver according to your model number.
  • Install the downloaded printer driver.

Take Help From Experts

I hope these steps help you to fix Brother printer can’t connect to wifi issue, If not then contact Printer Tech Experts

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